After many tears and honest conversations, Randy and I have made the difficult and emotional decision to close both The Foxes Boxes and the TFB Externship Academy and begin the search for our next professional opportunity.

We have been changed by this space and the people it has brought into our lives. We will feel such a void when we lock the doors for the last time. Thank you ALL for the love and the memories. You will be missed💙💙💙💙

The Foxes Boxes

The Foxes Boxes is our Social Enterprise Support and Collaborator. The TFB Externship Academy would not be able to carry out their programs without The Foxes Boxes opening their doors and allowing their restaurant to be used as a real-time teaching facility.

Our Mission

The TFB Externship Academy aims to inspire and empower individuals with employment barriers by providing innovative on-the-job training, building leadership, communications, and job skills that lead to self-sufficiency, professional
fulfillment, and a confident value-added workforce for the always growing hospitality and service industry.

In support of this mission, the academy will:

● Facilitate comprehensive workforce development programs, at The Foxes Boxes, a quick casual fresh food restaurant located in an urban area experiencing growth and revitalization.

● Prepare participants for a math and literacy evaluation if requested that will help them succeed in their future
places of employment and/or educational goals.

● Connect participants with local nonprofits and public agencies for wrap around services going beyond the scope
of the academy.

● Assist participants in the creation of a resume as well as interview training to prepare them to be successful in
securing a job after the completion of the program.